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R O S A L P I N A becomes F O R E S T I S

The Rosalpina Dolomites bids farewell before its transformation. Nestling beneath the starry skies, on a level with the peaks of the Dolomites – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Hinteregger family will create a place that rises above all things and evokes a deeper meaning of life.
A universe emerges – the FORESTIS.

In the meantime, we would be glad to welcome you at our new Odles Lodge.
Opening in summer 2020

A hotel. On the Plose. Where feelings stir that you have not felt in a long time.

The Rosalpina. A hotel on the Plose unlike any other. A place that slows you down, calms and grounds you. A place where peace is not just a word. A place you can enjoy at your leisure. Where nature dictates the rhythm. Where going without is a pleasure. And you cast away whatever is superfluous. At the end of the day all that is left is the wonderful feeling of having found yourself. And the next day you cast off for new shores. To find time for things that were unimportant. To marvel at unspoiled nature for example. Whilst hiking. Whilst doing nothing. Breathing in pure mountain air. Or refreshing yourself with crystal clear spring water. Or devoting yourself entirely to your beloved. And suddenly these things once again resume the inestimable worth. That we bestow upon them.
In a place where nature sets the course
There is peace. There is quiet. There is being.

The spectacle of nature

Its reputation precedes it. Steeped in legend. Fabulous. Mythical. Mountains that provide a spectacular framework for the legendary beauty of nature. With craggy rock faces that glow red in the evening sun, as if the sky were in flames. Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It's lucky that we are so close to them
Sweet dreams
Suites with a view over the Dolomites

Room that does you good.

Nature is alive in our suites. The outdoors is reflected indoors. Natural wood furniture creates an atmosphere in which there is plenty of room to breathe. And when you look out of the windows, the views that open up before you are breathtaking. Over the world of the Dolomites.
A journey through time.

Mr. Hinteregger recounts:

A journey through time.
It is the details that history tells us. Of days gone by. When there was nothing in Plancios but forests. And quiet. When a house was built whose name will nevermore be forgotten. Pause. Be at peace. Listen. To what the ground, the walls and the nature all around you are saying. To the story that Mr. Hinteregger has to tell.
Who we are
A place of retreat

Odles Lodge

The Odles Lodge is situated 3 km from the Hotel Rosalpina Dolomites. The architecture combines the authentic originality of South Tyrol with natural luxury. The Design Chalet promises an ambience that makes every moment special. The pure manner of the clear architecture conveys a sense of trust in straightforward materials and naturalness.
New lodge